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Great new developments in Bruson


The Bruson ski area is located in an unspoilt natural setting and offers a variety of slopes with exceptional snow conditions. The beautiful, open forests allow amateur freeride skiers to enjoy powder snow while immersed in a unique natural landscape. The spectacular surroundings make this a truly special place. 

We pride ourselves on providing hospitality and comfort. That is why we have launched modernisation and development projects to improve the Bruson experience!

The key developments are new catering facilities and the new La Pasay ski lift. 

A new chairlift for greater comfort and speed

To get to this beautiful place, you first need to take the cable car from Le Châble to Les Mayens de Bruson. Next, just take the La Pasay chairlift to the top!

The original chairlift was built in 1990. Major renovation work is now being done to modernise it. The company that has been contracted to carry out this work is Bartholet Maschinenbau AG. The new chairlift will have almost twice the throughput of the old one.

The project in detail

Work on the new La Pasay chairlift started in summer 2022. The La Pasay fixed-grip chairlift will be replaced with a detachable 6-seater chairlift equipped with bubble protection. The new system will reduce the journey time from 11 minutes to less than 5 minutes, which makes it much more convenient for our passengers!

The “Design by Porsche Design Studio” seats will ensure that customers can enjoy their journey in maximum comfort.

Technical data CLD6 Moay Pasay
Type of lift Detachable chairlift with 6-seater chairs
Altitude difference 542,4 m
Inclined length 1,485,3 m
Number of towers 12
Number of vehicles 52
Driving speed 6 m/s
Driving time 5 minutes
Capacity (initial) 1,600 - 2,000 p/h
Drive 530 kW/ 646 kW
Rope 48 mm


Project progress

Work on the new chairlift is progressing well and at a good pace. There are still several major steps to complete before the scheduled project finish date in December.

The new chairlift will be open to the public from December 2022!

July 2022

Civil engineering

The civil engineering work nears completion. The concrete work for the whole line and the top station is finished and the assembly of the electromechanical part is already at an advanced stage. 

Work on the bottom station, which is also the station where the drive terminal is, began at the end of August 2022. 

September 2022

Installation of the pylons

The towers for the new line were installed in mid-September. This work was carried out with the help of a helicopter capable of lifting up to 4 tonnes.

Each tower is made up of several tubes, each of which must be transported by helicopter separately. Once all the elements have been assembled, the helicopter then transports the tower head and the sheave trains.

October 2022

Pulling the haul rope

The pulling of the haul rope is now complete. The next step is splicing. This technique consists of joining the two ends of the haul rope. The 6 strands are successively inserted into the rope using a special technique over a distance of approximately 60 metres. This process requires 15 employees.

Operations to bring the chairlift into service will be able to begin gradually over the next few weeks. It has been confirmed that the chairlift will start operating in mid-December, as planned in the initial construction schedule.

July 2023

Official opening of the chairlift

The Pasay chairlift went into operation as scheduled in December 2022. It has already transported lots of customers with very positive feedback.

Seven months later, in July 2023, the official opening ceremony was held to present the lift to the media and officials. Speeches were made by representatives of Téléverbier SA, the public authorities and the Swiss construction firm Bartholet, followed by the traditional blessing of the lift by the parish priest of Val de Bagnes. The guests were able to try out the lift during the day. Everyone was then invited to the La Pasay restaurant which also opened in December 2022.


The La Pasay restaurant is also getting a makeover!

The old Buvette de la Pasay (La Pasay refreshment bar) is being transformed into a much more spacious restaurant that faces the Mont Blanc massif. This will significantly improve the quality of services available in the Bruson ski area. 

The new La Pasay restaurant will open at the heart of the unique setting that is Bruson in December 2022. Its tasteful décor, relaxed atmosphere and great local cuisine will make it the perfect place to meet and share a meal. It promises to be so much more than just a restaurant – it will be an unforgettable experience. The restaurant is run by two connoisseurs of local Valaisan cuisine who focus on local, high-quality produce.

There will also be a picnic room for those who want a warm place to eat their picnic while admiring the view. 

La Pasay

New restaurant managers

The new Pasay restaurant is run by a young couple of passionate restaurateurs, Emmanuelle Roduit and Michaël Egloff. 

They have a passion for travel combined with deep roots in Valais where they grew up. They draw inspiration from the four corners of the world and from their many adventures. 

Michaël serves creative, sophisticated cuisine, but always at an affordable price. The food is home-made and prepared with care to please both the heart and the stomach, using local and seasonal products, with no compromises. 

Emmanuelle comes from a family of winegrowers and will be happy to advise you on the ideal Valaisan wine to accompany your meal. Just watch out for her contagious enthusiasm – you have been warned!

Through their cuisine, Emmanuelle and Michaël share their passion for the land and showcase exceptional products from the region’s farmers and producers of artisanal delicacies.

December 2022

Opening of the restaurant

After months of work, the restaurant finally welcomed its first customers of the season. Open in both summer and winter, it’s a popular spot with skiers and hikers for enjoying great food with an exquisite menu and set amidst a lush green backdrop. The La Pasay restaurant has been a resounding success since opening and has become a must-visit destination in Bruson!

It’s the perfect place to combine a day of outdoor activities with fine cuisine. Take a look at our presentation video and perhaps you’ll be inspired to pay us a visit next time you’re in Bruson!

Developments in Bruson

To be continued...

This blog will be updated over time. Stay tuned to follow the progress of the project!