Climber in Verbier from above Climber in Verbier from above

Via ferrata


Climb your way up

Via ferrata have become a very popular summer activity, which consists of climbing the mountain using a sequence of rungs, ladders, cable bridges and rope ladders, and is great for those who are not afraid of heights. For this activity, you need a helmet, a harness and lanyards, all of which can be hired in Verbier.

At Les Gentianes, there are two itineraries, both of which bring you to the Monts de Cion, above 3,000 m, in a fabulous alpine setting. One is more exposed than the other, but both are equipped with a security system which allows you to stay attached at all times and helps keep you safe.

If you are a beginner and wish to be accompanied, contact the Verbier mountain guides office.


Edelweiss - Blue

This route is equipped solely with ladders which are fixed to the rock and security cables. It is never too exposed, so it’s ideal for children aged 8 and over (accompanied by a professional) or anyone else who wants to enjoy the climb without any pressure.

In brief:

  • Level of difficulty: moderate (K3)
  • Estimated length: 150 m
  • Vertical climb: 100 m
  • Altitude at start: 2,950 m
  • Altitude at finish: 3,041 m

Androsace - Red

This is a more challenging route, which takes you south of the Monts de Cion. You will cross a cable bridge and even tackle an overhang! It is not recommended for anyone who measures less than 1,40 m.

In brief:

  • Level of difficulty: very difficult (K5)
  • Estimated length: 340 m
  • Vertical climb: 141 m
  • Altitude at start: 2,900 m
  • Altitude at finish: 3,041 m
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