Copperfield School Skicross, Verbier 4Vallées Copperfield School Skicross, Verbier 4Vallées

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Time for a bit of fun

Carving, freeriding, slalom or freestyle? In the Verbier 4Vallées ski area, there’s no need to choose – you can try them all!

We have a whole range of fun zones, where you can try out different ways of skiing and improving your skills while enjoying yourself. Whatever your age, head to La Chaux to try the Verbier Snowpark, the Copperfield School Ski Cross or the mini KL. You could also go to Savoleyres to whizz down the Copperfield School Funslope or measure your skills on one of the two slalom runs (Sud and Casino).


Copperfield School Mini kilometer sprint

The kilometre sprint, also known as speed skiing, consists of skiing down the slope as fast as you possibly can. Challenge your friends on the mini KL at La Chaux. If you gain enough momentum, you can reach speeds of up to 70 km/h!

Fun for everyone

Copperfield School Skicross

Close to the Verbier Snowpark, at La Chaux, the Copperfield School Skicross park is a 700 m fun-cross run, for all abilities. Come along with friends or family and test your skills. The La Chaux ski cross is maintained daily by a highly motivated team of shapers, who make sure you can enjoy yourself in safe conditions.
After the start gate, you can navigate long and short banked turns, large and small jumps (whoops) before reaching the finish area. The whole area is secured with FIS safety netting.

Family outing

Copperfield School Funslope

You’ll have a whale of a time on the Copperfield School Funslope, in the La Tzoumaz – Savoleyres sector. This park is open to all skiers and snowboarders, whatever their level. It’s an ideal place for children to learn the basics of freestyling, while having fun with all the obstacles and modules. 

For a sensational experience, head to the Taillay slope, at an altitude of over 2,226 m, which is 400 m long. It has plenty to offer, including a 10 m-long twister and a 15 m-long curved wall. The other 23 elements (banked turns, jumps and a tunnel which cuts through the Funslope, to name but a few) just add to the fun!


Ski stadiums

Come and train on one of our four competition stadiums!
On the piste du Sud (Savoleyres), you can practise your slalom and giant slalom techniques. Starting at 2,350 m, the run is 700 m long, with a vertical drop of 200 m. On the Casino slope (La Tzoumaz), you can focus on speed, as you train for the FIS Giant Slalom, the super-G or downhill. It starts at 2'356 m and you can race down the 1,183 m (309 m vertical drop) at record speed!
On the La Pasay slope, you’ll find an FIS-approved slalom and giant slalom. Starting at an altitude of 2,110 m, it’s 1,090 m long, with a 420 m vertical drop. Your thighs will remember that one!
Finally, the Grand-Tsai run is relatively short (210 m) but ideal for slalom. The starting point is at 2,190 m.

These stadiums are open to the public and can be booked for half or full days, for example for group training (ski clubs or companies), team building events, private training sessions or races.

For information and bookings, contact the Swiss Ski School (ESS) in Verbier.


Copperfield School Verbier Race Experience

An area dedicated to alpine skiing enthusiasts is set up at the top of the La Tzoumaz - Savoleyres sector. Thanks to the permanent "Race Experience" timing, you can challenge your friends or simply try to improve your own time on a giant slalom course of about fifteen gates. The approximately one-minute route is accessible to all skiers, regardless of their level.


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Fun zones

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