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Verbier Race Experience


Verbier 4Vallées and the Swiss Ski School Verbier are passionate about creating a range of different fun spaces in the ski area so as to offer skiers a variety of ways to develop their technique in all disciplines.

Since this winter (2021-2022), a new course for fans of alpine skiing has been open high up in the La Tzoumaz–Les Savoleyres sector.

Verbier Race Experience


Finding a location for the race wasn’t easy. The aim was to find somewhere accessible – both in terms of geographical location and difficulty level. Too steep and the piste would have put off those already out of their comfort zone. It was ultimately decided to position the Verbier Race Experience between the Audi Quattro Funslope and the Taillay blue run, just below the altiport and Croix-de-Cœur restaurant.

Verbier Race Experience

The concept

The Verbier Race Experience is a giant slalom course with 11 gates. The goal is to give skiers that World Cup experience.

The start cabin at the beginning of the course is therefore similar to what you would find in professional races. A permanently integrated timing system was installed that uses Bluetooth to communicate between the start and finish lines. Starting couldn’t be easier: skiers simply press a button and will then hear 5 beeps – the same beeps that sound at the World Cup. The timer will then start as soon as they pass the starting gate. At the finishing line, they will see a screen showing their time, as well as the top three times of that day.

To complete this project, we partnered up with Freelap.


Verbier Race Experience Information
Altitude 2,204 m
Distance 300 m
Altitude difference 62 m
Number of gates 11
Average estimated time 35 seconds
Verbier Race Experience

You'll feel like you're there !