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Getting to Verbier

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Verbier is easily accessible from the valley. Switzerland boasts one of the most extensive railway networks in Europe. Take a train from anywhere, get off in Martigny and hop on to the train to Le Châble. The brand new station there is equipped for modern two-storey trains and is close to the cable car which will bring you up to Verbier. Once you reach the resort, a free shuttle bus will take you to your final destination. What could be easier?

Verbier Express
Geneva 2H30
Zürich 4H00
Bern 3H00
Basel 4H00
London 10H00
Paris 6H00
Stockholm 22H30
Rome 7H30
Travelling by


If you are planning to stay for a few days and have lots of luggage, you may prefer the comfort and practicality of your own car. From Martigny, you can reach Verbier in 30 minutes! Take the road which leads to Sembrancher and, once there, turn off in the direction of Verbier. When you reach Le Châble, you have two options: 1) You can leave your car in the free Curala carpark for the day and take the cable car up to Verbier or 2) carry on by car, along the wide, well-maintained road to Verbier. 

Geneva 2H00
Zürich 3H00
Bern 2H00
Basel 3H00
London 11H30
Paris 7H00
Stockholm 23H00
Rome 9H00
Travelling by


If you live further away, the plane is probably the best option. You can fly into either Geneva airport (2 ½ hours from Verbier) or Zurich airport (just over 4 hours away).

London 4H00
Paris 3H30
Stockholm 5H30
Rome 4H00
New York 13H00
San Francisco 15H30
Buenos Aires 21H00
Rio de Janeiro 19H30