Freeride itinerary Col des Mines, Verbier Freeride itinerary Col des Mines, Verbier



Enjoy freeriding safely

Verbier is considered to be a freeride paradise.  It owes its reputation mainly to the Verbier Xtreme and the numerous freeriders who frequent the area but also to the unbelievable variety of marked, secure but ungroomed freeride itineraries.

A leader in this field, Verbier 4Vallées was one of the first resorts to secure large areas of fresh powder snow. There are no less than seven freeride itineraries, which you will find listed below.

To ensure your own safety, stay on our itineraries, which are marked as yellow lines on the piste map and by yellow and orange poles on the slopes. Off you go to conquer the slopes and enjoy the snow of your dreams!


Go further with a guide

If you want to push yourself further, there are several possibilities. Hire a mountain guide and tackle the famous Backside Mont-Fort, have a go at heli-skiing on the Petit Combin or take part in one of the many safety courses designed to teach you how to assess the risk according to the conditions and to evaluate your capabilities. To ensure that the day is enjoyable, the key words are “training”, “patience” and “safety”.

Contact the Verbier mountain guides office or take a look at their site to find out about their offers and the infinite range of possibilities in the area.

  • Sybille Blandjean
    «If I had to describe Verbier in just one word, it would be "paradise". It's an unlimited playground, in winter and summer alike. You're never bored, because there is always something to do.»
  • Géraldine Fasnacht
    «Verbier is my unlimited playground! It's where I learned to feel at ease in all fields »
    Géraldine Fasnacht, freerider, verbier 4vallées ambassador
  • Halewoods
    «Verbier 4Vallées, freeride paradise»

Le Bec des Rosses

You have probably heard of the Bec des Rosses, the iconic 3,222 m peak which reigns over the area. Renowned for hosting the Xtreme de Verbier, the famous and eagerly awaited Freeride World Tour final, this imposing pyramid is visible from the Col des Gentianes. It’s on the incredibly steep north face that the best freeriders in the world compete, at top speed, for the coveted title of World Champion. In places, there is a 60° slope and skiers and snowboarders sometimes jump rocky bars of over 10 m. As you’ll have realised, the Bec des Rosses is something else!