Mont-Fort Sunrise Mont-Fort Sunrise
Verbier 4Vallées

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You probably know the ski area like the inside of your pocket, but have you visited Verbier in the summer?

The region is packed with numerous little gems, just waiting to be discovered. We’ll give you plenty of ideas for an unforgettable summer holiday in Verbier.


Sunrise at the Mont-Fort

Mont-Fort Sunrise
Mont-Fort Sunrise
Verbier 4Vallées

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The Verbier 4Vallées ski area is a great place to visit in both summer and winter. There are different activities and experiences to explore depending on the season. In winter, you can enjoy the 410 km of ski slopes and exciting activities such as sledging, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. In summer, you can explore the many hiking trails or try other activities such as mountain biking, zip-lining or watching the sunrise at Mont Fort! 

Verbier has many winter activities that are perfectly suited to families. Click here to explore slopes suitable for the smallest skiers and walks you can take as a family. Also, don’t miss the Verbier Race Experience. This is a fun area suitable for skiers of all ability levels. 

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In summer, you can explore the area on the various hiking trails. For a family outing, we particularly recommend the Bisse du Levron hiking trail.

For mountain biking enthusiasts, the Verbier Bikepark has a great choice of trails suitable for all levels. The La Tsenelle Flowtrail is the perfect place for beginners to try mountain biking for the first time.

You can also explore other summer activities such as zip-lining and all-terrain scooter riding. 

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Verbier is considered a freeriding paradise. On the 7 marked routes, you can descend virgin powder slopes as you pass through beautiful larch forests. Discover our protected freeriding routes

The Verbier ski area is divided into four sectors, each with its own specific characteristics. Discover a selection of the best slopes

We have also put together a selection of slopes for more advanced skiers!

The Verbier Bikepark has a variety of trails to suit all levels. Beginners might like to start with the La Tsenelle Flowtrail. Because it’s both easy and fun, this trail is the perfect way to start out on your mountain biking journey, right here at Verbier 4Vallées.

Mont Fort is the highest peak in the 4 Vallées area with 3,300 m. From the summit, you get an exceptional 360-degree view of many other peaks: Mont Blanc, Dent Blanche, Weisshorn, the Matterhorn, and let’s not forget the Grand Combin.