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Best Ski Routes for Advanced Skiers in Verbier


Many experienced skiers believe that Verbier is a true winter sports delicacy, especially those who already have good skiing skills. Since this beautiful town is located in the Four Valleys, which is the biggest ski area in Switzerland, it’s not difficult to understand why many advanced skiers go there every year.

The whole area is covered with more than 90 ski lifts and you’ll have no problem finding the right slopes for your skiing preferences. So without further ado, let’s go through the most amazing ski routes this vast 410-km long area has to offer.

Best advanced ski routes

Every single individual that likes to put on a pair of boots and strap on the skis, but especially experienced skiers, will be delighted to learn about the best ski routes in Verbier. Advanced skiers who like adrenaline rushes and fun descents often pick between the Col de Chassoure on the Chassoure-Tortin or the peak of the magnificent Mont Gelé.

The Col de Chassoure will really test your skills since you’ll have to ski on the Chassoure-Tortin wall which is a ski route that leads you down a difficult and moguled face. When it comes to Mont Gelé, you will have more than one ski route to choose from. However, these are designed for skiing experts, so amateurs are advised to pass and find something more beginner-friendly first.

Let’s take a better look at these options and some other routes that you may find interesting.


The ski route begins at the Col de Chassoure where the Lac des Vaux triple chair and the Chassoure 8-person gondola conjoin. Once you reach the location, you can start the descent right away and face the moguls or try to traverse the area by the face and descend wherever you like to.

Traversing is a more desirable option for many because the slope becomes less rough as you progress. But be cautious as the traverse can become very rutted out and snagging an edge or making an error here could lead you into a very unpleasant and tough descent due to the slope’s nature.

The run goes to the right from the bottom onto a road that finally twists its path down to the bottom of the Chassoure gondola.


The skiing options are ample when it comes to the amazing Mont Gelé. Everyone who has descended from the summit knows how good it is.

There are two official routes; one leads you along the south face to La Chaux and the second route leads to the back where you will finish in Tortin.
Descend in on the right as you depart the Cable Car for the descent and then head diagonally left on this first pitch to escape the dangerous rock bands. The route opens up in a huge open bowl from the choke point and goes down to the bottom of La Chaux.

Either go straight (where you will eventually meet the Col des Gentianes-La Chaux red run) or cut diagonally right to end up on the La Chaux 2 blue run.

As you depart the cable car at the summit, keep straight ahead for the backside drop. This will automatically lead you to the back of the mountain, where you may pretty much ski down wherever you want.

Mont Fort

In the Mont Fort section, professional skiers can enjoy descending one officially black run.

After admiring the spectacular landscapes of the Matterhorn to the East and Mont Blanc to the West from the top of the Mont Fort 2 tram, pave your path down the stairs to the top of the run.

This difficult and frequently mogulled piste mostly stretches along the descent to the skier's left of the lift before switching over to the right of the front face and going down significantly lower near the top of the Glaciers 1 and 2 lifts.


Best intermediate ski routes

There’s no doubt that intermediate skiers have quite a few choices in Verbier. Since the area is huge, let’s mention just some of the best intermediate ski routes in the Four Valleys ski area.

Verbier - Thyon
If you visit the ski resort Thyons, you’ll see that it’s a haven for intermediate skiers. Take the easier route down Lac Bleu or the more difficult route down Lac des Vaux until you reach two chairlifts.

One of the chairlifts, Lac de Vaux 2, an older three-seat lift, will lead to the most popular route in the entire 4 Valleys. This zone extends from the top of the Chassoure chairlift (2,740m) to the base of Tortin (2,050m).

Mont Fort - La Chaux
If you're seeking a little more of a challenge and want to test your advanced skills on more difficult terrain, you can take the black piste that descends from Mont Fort's summit (3,330m).

Col des Gentianes, a high mountain pass with an elevation of around 2,900m, is located in the district of Entremont in the canton of Valais. There is a large cable car there that will take you up to the highest accessible point in Verbier, which is an amazing 3,328m.

The slopes to the left of the glacier are steeper, but they are also the most frequently taken by skiers. As you descend to the Col des Gentianes, you will see that the gradient eases and you will be able to make some rapid wide curves.
After this, you'll be able to take the long red run down to La Chaux.

Final thoughts

There you have it. Are you an intermediate skier or an advanced one?

Either way, you will easily find the best route for your likes and preferences. Just remember, the COVID-19 pandemic is still here and you should do your best to follow all the necessary health regulations in the country.

That is the only way to ensure that you keep yourself and other fellow skiers safe while you enjoy the magnificent Swiss mountains.