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Via cordata


Climb the Mont-Fort differently

The via cordata is fitted out with anchorage points that make it possible to reach the summit of Mont-Fort (3,330 m) on foot, following a path set out in the rock face and on the ridge of the glacier. The route includes hiking trails on the Tortin and Mont-Fort glaciers as well as rock-climbing sections, and is easily accessible using the lifts. You need to allow approximately three hours to complete this itinerary, which is 2 km long and involves a 500 m height difference. Once you’ve reached the summit, you can take the cable car back down again or descend on foot after enjoying the highest fondue in Europe at the Mont-Fort Igloo.

This activity allows people to discover a different way of climbing a mountain and to familiarise themselves with the terrain and the alpine fauna and flora. You are strongly advised to go with a guide, to ensure that you follow the path safely. On this itinerary, you need to be roped up and have thorough knowledge about climbing mountains in the summer.

Via cordata


  • Starting point: Col des Gentianes (2,900 m)
  • Arrival point: Mont-Fort (3,330 m)
  • Approx. 500 m height difference
  • Crosses 2 glaciers
Mountain guide

Stay safe with a guide

If you would like to try this activity but don’t have enough experience or knowledge of the mountains, contact the Verbier mountain guides office, where you can find a professional to accompany you.

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