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Practical guide

Shareholders' benefits

Téléverbier, which is a leading company in its field, wishes to thank all its faithful shareholders, without whom nothing would be possible.

By way of expressing our gratitude, we offer special benefits to our shareholders. Preferential prices are available for shareholders and any family members specially designated by them.
These benefits are only available to natural persons. If the shareholder is a legal entity, no member of the company, regardless of status, is entitled to preferential pricing associated with the ownership of Téléverbier SA shares.

shareholders' benefits

Use of points

To use their points, those who are eligible must present their points card with ID at Le Châble, Médran, Savoleyres, Bruson or La Tzoumaz. When purchasing a travel pass, a maximum of 30% of the price can be paid using points (1 point = 1 franc).

The points used are deducted from the card, which will then show the number of points remaining. 

Unused points cannot be carried over to the following season.

Benefits can be obtained in two ways:

Send the following documents and information to the Téléverbier administration department (Case postale 419, 1936 Verbier):

  • A personal deposit certificate issued by a bank, minimum period of deposit: three months (from June 1st to August 31st without interruption); shares held in person (without a certificate of deposit) will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • A list of family members who are entitled to benefits
  • A copy of documents proving the relationship
  • A passport photo of the shareholder
  • The shareholder’s chip card from the previous year. New shareholders can obtain a card for the price of 5.- CHF, which can be paid for using points.
  • An indication of where the shareholder wishes to collect the card (in Le Châble, in Verbier (Médran or Savoleyres) as well as in La Tzoumaz).

This can also be done at the cash desks, from 1 September to 31 December, but having it sent by post is recommended to avoid queues.

At the office, shareholders can either:

  • set up a new shareholder card (charged with points corresponding to the number of shares held)
  • or collect the card which has been issued following reception of the documents sent by post.
Number of shares Points
50 30
100 60
250 100
400 150
700 225
1'000 300
1'500 400
2'000 500
3'000 600
5'000 700
10'000 and more 800



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