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Soaring through the air

Who has never dreamed of flying like a bird? Seen from above, the world is absolutely beautiful!

Verbier is a very popular destination for paragliders. As it benefits from very favourable weather conditions, you can fly all year long. Even in the winter, you can gain a few precious meters thanks to the thermal columns at Les Ruinettes. This current of warm air brings you higher up in the sky, from where you can admire the whole area. Experienced pilots, take note! Verbier is the ideal take-off site for longer flights towards the German-speaking part of Valais or the Mont-Blanc massif.


Your tandem flight

A number of pilots will take you up on a tandem flight if you want to discover this thrilling activity. More information is given below. In winter, take off from Les Ruinettes, at an altitude of 2'200 m, with your skis on. Very quickly, the skiers below will become small dots under your feet as you soar above them. In summer, there are 5 take-off sites in the region. The pilot will propose one or other of them, depending on the conditions.

Information about take-off and landing sites for qualified pilots can be found on the Para-Delta Club des Combins website.

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