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Paragliding in Verbier all year round


The Val de Bagnes is a veritable paradise for fans of free flight and the resort of Verbier was already welcoming the best paragliders in the world by the 1980s for a competition called the “Open de Verbier”. It has even hosted the world paragliding championships!

Verbier: a unique destination thanks to its panorama

With a variety of take-off and landing sites, there is something for cross-country, hike & fly and aerobatics enthusiasts alike. The most accessible take-off point is at Les Ruinettes, and you can reach it easily from Verbier or Le Châble using the ski lifts. Access is free for VIP Pass holders, while all others can purchase a “Paragliding” pass, which allows you to use the two gondola lifts from Le Châble to Les Ruinettes.

There are also several take-off points available from the Savoleyres side, including the one at Croix-de-Cœur, which can be reached by gondola lift and is famous as a magnificent location for soaring (the wind there is strong enough and well orientated, allowing you to fly high over the area without losing altitude and being able to land) on spring and summer evenings, when the conditions are right.

Hikers will sometimes prefer to head to the La Tournelle (or Col de la Marlenaz) take-off site right by the Pierre Avoi. This far quieter site offers breathtaking views of the majestic Combins massif, Mont Blanc and the Dents du Midi. If you’re hiking from Verbier, consider taking a detour via the Crête de la Marlène from the Bisse du Levron waterfall, where you’re bound to come across some marmots.

Winter brings with it a whole new playground for fans of speed riding and speed flying. This means you can enjoy this pastime all year round and take in unique panoramas whatever the season. 


More than just a sport – it’s a passion!

Verbier is one of my favourite playgrounds. As a keen skier and hiker, I can enjoy my passions in winter and summer alike. I discovered the joys of paragliding a number of years ago.

My interest in paragliding developed when I first moved to the Val de Bagnes. Here you can see paragliders enjoying the pleasures of soaring on high, great panoramas, long-distance flights or following the terrain at low altitude in both summer and winter, weather permitting.

The first step was to look into the training required to obtain a paragliding licence, which is compulsory for flying in Switzerland. One year later, with more than 50 supervised flights under my belt and having passed both a theory and a practical exam, I was a licensed paragliding pilot ready to explore the many facets of the sport.

Whether you choose to fly in the “bowl” (the air space in the direct vicinity of a free-flight site) or set off on a cross-country trip over tens of kilometres, Verbier is the ideal playground for paragliders of all ages and abilities.

Have you always dreamt of flying but never taken the plunge? Many free-flight schools offer the option of tandem flights and starting the paragliding licence.

You can even find discounts on a tandem flight at some schools in our advantage booklet!

If you’re visiting Verbier for the first time, please feel free to ask the schools, the Paradelta Club des Combins (Combins paragliding club) and the locals for tips and information. Each site has its special conditions and challenges that it is important to know before taking off.

One of my favourite flights

After work, I like to ride the gondola lift up to Les Ruinettes or walk up to the Croix-de-Cœur and end the day by floating home.

Dusk falls around me as the last rays of the sun illuminate the Grand Combin. The changing colours offer me a breathtaking spectacle and an unrivalled feeling of fulfilment.

Some people travel home by car, bus or train – I prefer my means of transport and the bird’s-eye view it offers of this valley’s beautiful landscapes.

Taking it further...

A Verbier VIP 

  • Yael Margelisch, holder of three world records for distance flying, has finished on the podium at the world championships around ten times. 

Competitions in Verbier

Useful information: 
Summer take-off sites

  • Les Ruinettes, accessible by gondola lift
  • La Croix-de-Cœur, accessible by gondola lift to Savoleyres 
  • La Tournelle, accessible from the top of the Savoleyres gondola lift 

Landing sites

  • Les Esserts
  • Montagnier
  • Champsec