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Every day, Téléverbier SA focuses on six core values that shape its actions. Guided by these values, our entire team is committed to always going that step further. We defined them together because we felt that it was important for everyone to have the same values. They are based on good practises which are shared by everyone in our organisation, combining environmental issues and human resource management.



When you think of those who work in the 4 Vallées ski area, you automatically think about the members of staff on the ground who patrol the slopes or run the snow groomers and snow-making equipment. Their work is essential for the smooth running of the ski area. However, let’s not overlook those who work behind the scenes, in the offices. Whether it’s in human resources or at the sales desks, in marketing or IT, or those who are in direct contact with the customers, their work is equally important, all year long.



Managing our impact on the environment is a major priority for us. At Téléverbier SA, we are responsible for running the ski area in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We must preserve the mountains and nature surrounding us and are therefore constantly working on improving our energy performance and minimising our CO2 emissions.

To find out more about the seven measures we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint, click below.


Human capital

At Téléverbier SA, human capital is a fundamental value, essential for the smooth running of the ski area. Human capital can be defined as all the means available for helping staff members progress in their field.

Training is a key element of our strategy in all jobs. We have, for example, training programmes for the patrol teams, created by Téléverbier, which focus on the demands of work in the 4Vallées area. These ensure that our staff’s qualifications are adapted to our specific needs and that our team members develop their abilities. They also help us work more efficiently and build on the skills we have learned.

In turn, the increased job satisfaction leads to further involvement in the company. Training is key to unity!



Cohesion within the team is essential, to ensure a sound professional environment where everyone can give their best. It is important that everyone has the same vision, as this helps us surpass ourselves.This benefits not only the company as a whole but makes each staff member feel valued and competent.

At Téléverbier SA, we encourage this cohesion by organising several team building events throughout the year, which allow us to spend time together, enjoying different activities, outside our working environment.

Once a year, we get together for a day to clear rubbish from the slopes, which is not only good for the environment but also helps strengthen bonds between team members. There is a great working atmosphere in the company, as you can see here.



Téléverbier SA works chiefly with companies who have played a key role in the development and success of our company.

For us, innovation and the development of new lifts are a true vocation. Over the last few years, a lot of work has been carried out on modernising the ski lifts and cable cars, making them faster and more comfortable.

We have also been working on energy management in the whole ski area in collaboration with firms which can provide innovative measures for the optimization of our energy consumption.

For this, we use a number of tools and are greatly assisted by Smart Altitude.


Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is one of our key concerns. We constantly assess our customer’s needs and are always investigating ways in which we can improve our services to ensure that you have a good time in the 4Vallées ski area.

This includes facilitating the purchase of ski passes, preparing the slopes, investing in top quality lifts and providing a wide range of good food in the restaurants. We also plan events and activities, which we hope will enhance your stay with us.

Every detail counts, so we’re working on several projects such as digitalising our services, setting up a hotline and developing a CRM.

Téléverbier SA

Our values