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Customer experience at the heart of the ski area


Verbier is part of the largest ski area in Switzerland. We welcome just shy of a million visitors each year, and it’s our mission to ensure each and every one has the best customer experience possible!

Téléverbier has made many different commitments and has put a variety of tools in place to give you a top-quality experience, ensure you have fun, make your arrival easier and meet your needs. 
Our company has created the following five pillars to achieve these goals: 

1. Making our services digital

Digitalisation is a multi-step process. We’ve been integrating digital channels for communication, processes and services over the past few years. Digital expertise takes centre stage so we can better interact with our community and best adapt to their needs.

Making our services digital

An optimised website

We developed a new website, verbier4vallees.ch, in 2021. We want to immerse you in our world, helping you to discover our area and everything it has to offer.

You can buy ski passes and activities on this website, which also provides information about our services. We asked the digital agency elements.at New Media Solutions to help us bring this concept to life.

Buying products online allows you to prepare for your trip by taking advantage of the best available price and avoiding queues at the ticket offices during busy periods.

Our new website also provides you with a customer area where you can access your most recent orders, credit available on your account and news about the area, including options for personalisation.

Making our services digital

Strong online presence

We also maintain a social network presence so we can interact with you, our visitors, and provide you with some inspiration about what to see or do in the area. You can let us know your thoughts through various channels by sending us a direct message or by commenting on our content. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, X (Twitter) and TikTok.

This range of digital tools also allows us to analyse sales, customers’ itineraries and key products, where all of this data helps us to go one step further when it comes to your online experience by helping us to adapt our content.

We can showcase key products on our website so they can be found more easily. For example, this data helps us to understand what you need and improve processes in general, such as shining a spotlight on certain information.

Making our services digital

Process optimisation

Digitalisation also includes the collection of your ski passes or keycards without having to go to the ticket office. This is why we have installed machines at all entry points in the area, saving you time and making it easier to buy passes.

We’ve recently decided to change how we sell gift vouchers. Until now, they have only been sold and redeemed in person, making it difficult for customers that don’t live in the region to purchase or use them. It’s now possible for our customers, both near and far, to obtain this precious passport to the slopes at the ticket offices and online. The appearance of the vouchers has also been refreshed to comply with the Verbier 4Vallées brand graphic line. 

CRM and customer support:

Extending customer satisfaction

We currently have information about our customer base, their purchasing behaviour and their preferences, but this information isn’t all pooled together in a single tool. This is why we wanted to invest in a customer relationship management – or CRM – tool.

We called on Salesforce, who have been helping us in this digital transformation, to get the job done. 
This digital transformation has several objectives: 

  • Organising and following up on customer communications (tickets, calls, emails, etc.) so we can respond to our customers quickly and ensure we get back to them by the deadline we promised. 
  • Evaluating and improving customer experience (sending personalised newsletters, marketing automation, suggesting additional products that meet your needs, etc.) so we can ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Encouraging customer loyalty with personalised exchanges and access to profile and preference data to tailor communication with offers. 

The CRM will allow us to simplify customer service while giving the sales department an overview of customers, thereby ensuring we can better meet their needs and communicate efficiently – all with a personal touch.

2. Customer service

Customer service is available to meet all your needs. Our hotline is available seven days a week in season by phone or by email should you have any questions.

Customer service also takes care of managing the comments you leave about your experience in the area, in our restaurants or in our accommodation.

Listening to our customers is really important, which is why we ask you to fill out a customer satisfaction survey so you can tell us about your stay with us.

Once we’ve received your comments, we’ll review them and do whatever we can to ensure your next visit is even better. In some cases, if we can’t solve your issue in the short-term, we’ll take longer-term corrective measures.

Preparing the slopes and safety

Slopes are groomed every night by our snow groomers to ensure top-quality skiing. Patrollers check and install signage to mark the slopes.

The slope and rescue service aims to ensure everyone’s safety. It is important to feel safe in a ski area and have support teams in place when needed.

Customer experience at Téléverbier is constantly changing and is at the forefront of our minds day in, day out. We adapt according to your needs and expectations. From preparing your trip to the moment you leave us, we are committed to ensuring you have a pleasant stay by offering advice about our products, slopes, restaurants and accommodation.

We are still in the process of completing numerous projects which, as always, are designed to ensure you have a great time!