Environmental impact


La Montagne Verte

Committed to minimising its impact on the environment, Téléverbier has introduced a number of measures over the years, aimed at reducing its energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Take a look at what we’ve already achieved. Thanks to these actions, Téléverbier has obtained the ACT (Agence Cleantech Suisse) label.


Renewable energy

Blueelec label

Most of the electricity Téléverbier SA consumes is from local hydraulic production.



Changing electric controls and engines

Téléverbier is progressively replacing the electric controls and engines on the lifts with more environmentally-friendly class IE4 asynchronous motors.

What does IE4 mean? From March 2014, the new classification defines how energy-efficient a motor is. Class E4 is the highest level (super premium).

Speed regulation

The lifts can be operated at varying speeds, depending on how many people are using them, thus economising over 10% of energy and reducing wear and tear on the machinery.


Building management

Heat monitoring

The heating system in all of our buildings is monitored and can be remotely regulated according to when the building is in use.

Triple glazing

Most of the buildings on the slopes and all of our offices have triple-glazed windows.

Thermal solar panels

The Savoleyres building has thermal solar panels which heat the water for the restaurant.

Photovoltaic solar panels

Some of the buildings have been equipped with photovoltaic solar panels, for example the lower Jumbo, Le Châble and La Tzoumaz stations. The energy produced is injected into the network.

Using renewable energy

Téléverbier is working on replacing the use of fossil fuels for heating. Currently, the following buildings are heated using renewable sources of energy:
District heating:

  • Le Châble station and the Mont-Fort Swiss Lodge
  • Médran station

Wood pellets:

  • Restaurant des Gentianes
  • Restaurant 1936
  • Les Ruinettes station (summer 2021)

Heat recovery from machinery (air/water heat pumps:

  • Les Mayens de Bruson station

Heat recovery

The cable car machinery on the Le Châble-Verbier and Le Châble-Bruson lines has a heat recovery system which is used for heating the adjacent buildings.



Optimization of the diesel engines of our snow-grooming machines

In collaboration with the company Alp Evolution, the diesel engines of our grooming machines have been tuned to maximise efficiency, thus reducing fuel consumption by 8% per hectare.
In addition, the machines are modern and most of them have engines which meet the Euro Tier 5 and Tier 4F environmental norms. These norms impose a limit on the emission of nitrogen oxides and microparticles.

Measuring the snow depth


All of our snow groomers are equipped to measure the depth of the snow underneath. This enables us to calculate precisely how much snow needs to be produced and to distribute it appropriately on the slopes.


Artificial snow-making

Artificial snow-making

Our entire snow-making system is equipped with ultra-modern snow-makers. These produce high- quality snow, and use less water and energy than older models.


Public transport

Verbier Express

In collaboration with the Swiss Federal Railways (CFF/SBB), Téléverbier SA introduced the “Verbier-Express” in 2019. This double-decker “snow train” runs from Geneva airport to Le Châble every Saturday and Sunday during the winter season (there is no need to change in Martigny!). It leaves Geneva in the morning and returns in the evening, transporting skiers from the whole Lake Geneva region to the brand new station in Le Châble . From there, they can take the lifts to Verbier and Bruson. 
A ski + train package is available.

VosAlpes Express

New for 2022, a second direct train will run this time between Freiburg and Le Châble, without change. Available for a first year for 7 weekends between January and March, its goal is to connect another part of French-speaking Switzerland to Verbier and Bruson, while also offering skiers the possibility of stopping to go skiing in the Alps.Vaudoises. A package similar to that of the Verbier Express is offered to customers in order to benefit from special prices.

Châble-Verbier as a public transport

Since December 2021, the Châble-Verbier line is considered a public transport section. Its timetables are therefore now from 5.15 a.m. to 11.50 p.m., and SBB passes (half-fare and GA travelcard) are recognized on this section. Téléverbier SA is also continuing its collaboration with RegionAlps in Martigny in this regard. The regional train "St-Bernard Express" between Martigny and Le Châble is available every 30 minutes, in order to offer a real town to mountain connection to customers.

Free shuttle service + parking

Téléverbier SA and the commune de Bagnes subsidise the free shuttle bus service in Verbier. This helps reduce the number of cars, and therefore pollution, in the resort. To facilitate this, there is a free car park at the cable car station in Le Châble.



Recyclable and compostable packaging

For all take-away food, the restaurants use recyclable and compostable food boxes, wooden cutlery and cardboard coffee cups.

Reusable glasses

For events, a system of reusable glasses (with a deposit) has been put in place.

Storage at the beginning of the season

In order to avoid numerous transportations of goods, which are polluting because they are often carried out by snowmobile, the storage of many foodstuffs that keep well is carried out at the start of the season.


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