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Verbier 4Vallées

Mountain biking for all ability levels

This year, mountain biking is in the spotlight at Verbier 4Vallées. The resort has trails to suit all tastes and ability levels, from beginners to experienced riders. Come with friends, come with family – there’s something for everyone!

If you want to spend a weekend or even longer with the magnificent Grand Combin massif as your backdrop, check out our offers! This summer of 2022, anything goes. So, are you coming?


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Bikepark, Verbier


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Verbier 4Vallées

Riders profiles

expert level

Trifon, 41

If you go mountain biking in Verbier 4Vallées, it’s almost impossible not to have heard of Trifon (real name: Fabrice Tirefort).

He is responsible for the development of mountain biking in the region, and is a former competition rider who is working hard to increase the number of trails and routes available. With trails to suit every ability level and every discipline, the Verbier Bikepark allows you to discover every corner of the region. 

Although Trifon loves to ride on the roughest and most technically demanding trails, he also enjoys riding the easier flow trails with friends and family. Trifon enjoys showing people the many facets of mountain biking by giving lessons, providing guidance and passing on his passion to young talent in the region. 

Favourite downhill track : Yello trail  n°1 – Tire’s Fire (expert/competition level) 

Intermediate level

Tracy, 10

Being Trifon’s daughter, doing downhill mountain biking was basically a given for Tracy. She started downhill lessons with the Verbier Bike Club at the age of 8.

She is now very comfortable on the blue trails and on various red enduro trails, and she is eagerly awaiting the opening of the new La Chaux trail so that she can enjoy riding it with her friends – and hopefully without her parents! 😉

Her next goal? To be able to ride all the red trails in the Bikepark by the end of the season! She loves descents, but isn’t such a fan of ascents. She is therefore very glad that there are so many ski lifts that you can use to reach the starting points of the downhill tracks in the network.

Favourite downhill track : blue trail n°8 – Chôtatai (intermediate level)

Beginner level/family

Pauline, 38

Pauline is a keen cyclist, but she usually rides on flat or slightly hilly terrain. Basically, she was more of a leisurely cyclist. However, her friends convinced her to try the Verbier Bikepark!

Her verdict? It’s the perfect way to discover mountain biking. The Tsenelle trail is an easy trail with a nice, wide track. There are rest areas where you can take a break and admire the stunning views. Her first pedal strokes in the mountains will be a memory she treasures forever.

Favourite downhill track : green trail n°9 - La Tsenelle (beginner level) 

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