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The Mont-Fort


This winter, let me bring you to my favourite playground: Verbier and its surroundings. Bursting with loads of gems, some better known than others, this amazing resort provides spectacular views over the Alps. Everyone, from those learning to ski to experienced freeriders, will enjoy themselves in this resort, which is so dear to me. Let me introduce you to my “Verbier Playground” in a series of articles.

Mont-Fort 3,330 m

One mountain, three facets

In this article, let’s head to the Mont-Fort, the dominating peak (3,300m!) in the Verbier 4 Vallées ski area. You are automatically drawn to this iconic mountain and its various facets, which I’m going to tell you more about below.

Mont-Fort 3,330 m

The Mont-Fort wall: the challenge for all skiers

Secondly, the Mont-Fort is THE challenge which every freerider should try at least once! This wonderful slope is very quickly covered in bumps made by other skiers, which makes the descent more technical – trust me, your thighs will definitely remember it!

The slope starts with a gradient of 35° to 40°, which can be quite impressive. However, experienced freeriders take it in their stride, and after the first few very steep meters, they can enjoy the bumps on an increasingly gentle slope. The Mont-Fort slope goes over the Tortin glacier, which is slightly south of the cable-car route (the Mont-Fort glacier is north of the Mont-Fort summit).

After the famous wall, the slopes are groomed and lead you to the Col des Gentianes, where you can either enjoy a well-earned break or head back up again with the lifts. Personally, I love to go up to the top of this mountain early in the morning, to dream in this magical setting, and, sometimes, if it has just snowed, to enjoy an exhilarating descent in fresh powder.

Verbier Playground

The Mont-Fort

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