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Verbier4Vallées is, of course, the biggest ski resort in Switzerland, but Téléverbier also manages several restaurants on the slopes, offering a variety of delicious food.

We’ve actually created a 10-year catering master plan. The aim is to make each restaurant unique, with its own specific atmosphere and identity, to meet the needs of our customers.

Amongst the next projects, the Chalet Carlsberg will be transformed into a brand-new area to meet and socialise. 

This project, carried out by the FIMA architecture firm and the team from Axio Consulting, will enhance the aura of this unique place on the slopes. 

And what will it be called?  L’Inkontro.

Our amazing team will welcome you to this restaurant, where the focus will be on a warm, Italian style with flavours reminiscent of the south, while still attached to the Wallis terroir.

Find out more about this project below.


A name and a concept

It all started with a vision of what the Chalet Carlsberg should become: the “village square” of the resort, an iconic place where people of all ages can meet. L’Inkontro is to be more than just a bar or a restaurant; above all, it will be a place for mixing and socialising.

The next step was to find a name which conveys this idea, and the one suggested to us was:


This name, which literally translates as "I am going to meet" in the local dialect, instantly appealed to us. It's simple, evocative and perfect for a place you go to to meet people.