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BlueArk Challenge

BlueArk Challenge – find innovative solutions


The BlueArk Challenge is a call for proposals that seeks to resolve challenges related to water management. Téléverbier has joined forces with BlueArk to find innovative ideas for snowmaking systems and more specifically the optimisation of artificial snowmaking by cutting the resources used, in terms of both water and energy.

The main challenge is: how can cold water be obtained efficiently to facilitate the artificial snowmaking process, while maintaining a favourable overall energy footprint?

Cold water plays a vitally important role in artificial snowmaking. Lower temperatures not only enable the production of better quality snow, but also reduce the amount of energy used in the process. However, cooling the water to the ideal temperature range presents technical and energy-related challenges.

That’s where the BlueArk challenge comes in. We’re calling for proposals from creative and innovative minds to submit pioneering solutions. The aim is to find effective and sustainable ways of lowering water temperatures without compromising the overall energy efficiency of the process.

Participants are invited to submit their proposals by 20 March 2024 at the latest. CHF 10,000 will be awarded to the winning proposal for the implementation of the project. This challenge provides a unique opportunity to highlight innovative solutions that can have a major impact on the sustainability and efficiency of snowmaking systems.

Take up the challenge and help make the future greener for artificial snowmaking.