A day at Mont Fort


This winter, why not discover the Verbier 4Vallées ski area in a different way: on foot instead of on skis? When they hear “winter sports”, most people immediately think of skiing, but there is another way to enjoy the mountain landscapes and switch up your weekend or holiday plans. The joys of the mountains are not reserved exclusively for skiing enthusiasts.

Pedestrians are welcome to enjoy Alpine adventures too! The Mont Fort platform is a true highlight in this respect: nestled at an altitude of 3,330 metres, it was designed with meticulous care and inaugurated in 2022 to offer a 360° panorama. Join us for an unforgettable experience on foot!

Les Ruinettes- La Chaux

Start the day the right way with a walk

From Verbier, you can take the Barnes Line gondola lift up to Les Ruinettes, the starting point for your walk. The gondolas begin running at 8:45 am, so if you like an early start, feel free!

Lining the route you will find pieces from the 3-D Sculpture Park on display in the open air. In addition, the panorama of the Combins massif is quite simply magical, especially in the early morning when the colours are truly dazzling! Allow around an hour for a distance of 2.5 km at an altitude of 2,300 metres. If you prefer a shorter walk, you can also return to Les Ruinettes and take the Télémix de la Chaux Express.

My favourite

Mont Fort

Once I had finished the walk, I continued on to the famous Mont Fort panoramic platform. I arrived directly at La Chaux, where I took the Le Jumbo gondola lift to reach Mont Fort.

Once you arrive at Mont Fort, head for the famous panoramic platform by taking the stairs offering young and old visitors alike safe access. As you climb the steps, the anticipation mounts as you discover what awaits you!

You will soon reach a platform unveiling a breathtaking 360° panoramic view and surrounded by legendary peaks such as the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, the Grand Combin and the Dent d’Hérens. The glazed design offers unobstructed views, removing any visual barrier and immersing you directly in the immensity of these Alpine landscapes.

The experience is also enriched by the unique atmosphere reigning at this altitude. The feeling of being at the top of the world, surrounded by the majesty of the snow-covered peaks, creates a sense of wonder and connection with nature which will stay with you long after this special day!

Around Mont Fort:

Thrills and gastronomical pleasures

Once you’ve had your fill of this exceptional view (if that is even possible), why not enjoy a meal at one of the two nearby restaurants? For fans of traditional fare, I heartily recommend the Igloo du Mont-Fort, where a delicious fondue awaits you. Alternatively, you could choose the renowned Black Tap restaurant in Les Gentianes, famous for its ample burgers and XXL milkshakes.

Afterwards, the Mont 4 Zipline offers thrill seekers a unique free flight experience gliding majestically over the glacier. During your descent, you can marvel at the breathtaking scenery as the legendary Mont Fort skiing route unfolds beneath your feet.

Following this thrilling interlude, you can make your way calmly back down to the village of Verbier. The last Le Jumbo descent to La Chaux is at 3:30 pm, so be sure to plan your day accordingly! You can then take the La Chaux Express back to Les Ruinettes and the Barnes Line to Verbier.

Some practical information:

Make sure to get the Verbier 4Vallées pedestrian pass for your day out (unless you already have an annual pass).

Check the timetables of the facilities and the opening hours on the day of your excursion.