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Letter from the executive office

Operating hours extended for the Le Châble-Verbier line


From 12 December 2021, the Le Châble–Verbier cable car will be included in the official timetable for the regional passenger transport network. The cable car will be open from 5.15am until 11.50pm all year round, except on maintenance days, during which the number of buses between Le Châble and Verbier will be increased.

Customer experience
Customer experience is very important to us. Their experience doesn’t stop with the ski area, but is linked to the day as a whole, namely from the time they leave their place of residence to spend time in our region, to when they return back home. Thanks to the extended operating hours, our customers will not only be able to make their way to our slopes by public transport, but will also have longer to enjoy the many après-ski opportunities in Verbier without having to worry about getting back to Le Châble by 7.30pm to travel by train or car. They will also be able to leave the resort later in the evening and thus avoid traffic congestion on the A9.

Carbon footprint
Including the cable car in the official timetable for the regional passenger transport network is the logical next step towards meeting our goal of developing alternative mobility options – not only to improve our customers’ experience but also to reduce the carbon footprint caused by their travel to and from the slopes.
For many years, Téléverbier has been working towards reducing its energy consumption and carbon footprint. All of its initiatives undertaken in this regard can be found via the following link: Environmental impact.

A study has shown that the carbon emissions arising from Téléverbier’s activities are equivalent to four return plane journeys between Geneva and New York on aircraft carrying 333 passengers. These carbon emissions essentially stem from our snowcats. However, there are currently no alternative solutions for replacing the use of fossil fuel in maintaining the pistes. Carbon emissions linked to tourism activities result primarily from the transport of customers within destinations.

Therefore, the implementation of the Verbier Express, the increase in the number of trains per hour between Martigny and Le Châble and the extended cable car operating hours between Le Châble and Verbier are an effective way of reducing the impact of passenger travel. This strategy is part of the concept commonly known as “decarbonising transport”.

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