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Barnes becomes the exclusive sponsor of the new Médran cable car


This Saturday, Téléverbier will officially open a brand-new ten-seater cable car between Médran and Les Ruinettes: the installation that has up to now been referred to as “Médran IV”. Barnes Immobilier will become the exclusive sponsor of this new line, which will now be named the Barnes Line. We are proud to enter into a five-year collaboration with an organisation that shares Verbier’s values and possesses such vast expertise.

The cable car boasts a sleek, highly aesthetically pleasing design. The aluminium structure makes the cable car lightweight, while the compactness and arrangement of the interior facilities make space for large windows. This gives passengers the feeling of being in the open air – and guarantees 360° views.

The Barnes Line in figures

Type of cable car Detachable cable car
Number of cable cars 66 in the first year – 74 afterwards
Number of spaces 10 seats per cable car
Opening Summer and winter (more than 250 days a year)
Médran-Ruinettes journey time 6 minutes
Capacity per hour 3,200 people per hour
Size of doors 900 mm for loading and transporting EUR-pallets and products without hindrance

Téléverbier has invested a total of CHF 20 million into this new cable car – funds covering the installation itself and the complete renovation of the departure and arrival stations (Médran and Les Ruinettes).

Passenger comfort will be enhanced and boarding will all be on the same level, which will make it easier to transport buggies and bikes. The stations have been completely renovated, with accessibility now greatly improved in the Médran station thanks to escalators and a lift for people with reduced mobility.

Open initially to the public only for the ascent and during the weekends, this new line should be operational in full from the end of the year holiday period.

Téléverbier and Barnes are delighted to collaborate on this project.

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Carole Moos
Chief Commercial Officer