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Partnership with WEMountain


Are you an off-piste skiing enthusiast? Many of us dream about off-piste skiing... However, do you know how to prepare for a safe outing?

Avalanche safety equipment is all well and good, but knowing how to prevent an accident and use this equipment is vital. That’s why Verbier 4Vallées and WEMountain have decided to join forces with the aim of helping you to prepare for the season and off-piste skiing in the safest way possible.

WEMountain is the first international mountain and avalanche safety programme, combining e-learning with t-learning (i.e. online and on-the-ground learning). Developed with international experts, the training is fun, easy and effective, and proposes a universal, standardised approach. The aim here is to ensure that you are informed of the potential dangers of the sport and encourage you to educate yourself, while making the training accessible to and understandable for all.

This training also brings together a united, responsible community representing all mountain professionals in order to ensure safety and safeguard the future of off-piste skiing. The programme delves into a wide variety of topics, such as the fundamentals of avalanche risk management, perfecting the risk management process and validating prior learning on the ground.

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