• 2023-2024
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March 4 to 8, 2024

Men’s Alpine Skiing Europa Cup in Verbier: A festival of sport in Val de Bagnes


Verbier’s Les Attelas piste hosted a thrilling alpine skiing competition for the Men’s Alpine Skiing Europa Cup from 4 to 8 March. Skiers from all over Europe and around the world converged on the celebrated Swiss resort to compete in the Downhill and Super G events, putting on an unforgettable show for spectators.

The competition kicked off with a first downhill run dominated by the Austrians, who secured all three spots on the podium. But it was Swiss skier Lars Rösti who won the second downhill run – a source of pride for the home crowd.

For the final event – the Super G – local skier Arnaud Boisset secured another victory in a highly successful season.

The Organising Committee would like to express its sincere gratitude to the sponsors, partners and volunteers who have worked tirelessly to make these races such a resounding success. Their dedication and unwavering support made for a truly memorable event that showcased the best in competitive alpine skiing in a region where the sport has strong roots.

The races took place in outstanding conditions, with the fine weather and perfectly prepared Les Attelas piste providing the ideal environment for the athletes to push their limits and deliver some remarkable performances.

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Coupes d'Europe de Ski Alpin Homme à Verbier

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Coupes d'Europe de Ski Alpin Homme à Verbier

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