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Five key pieces of advice before you explore the mountains


If you’ve been hiking before, you might think the environment you hike doesn't make much of a difference... but you’d be wrong! Walking in the mountains is quite different with several factors to bear in mind, like elevation and the weather.

Hiking is an exciting and invigorating activity where you can marvel at the beauty of nature. In order to ensure you enjoy your first experience in the mountains, we’ve prepared some advice for you. We hope you have a great time on fantastic walks leaving from Verbier 4Vallées.

1 Always be prepared

Before setting off on your hike, you must be prepared. Ensure you have the right equipment suitable for your level and destination. Invest in a comfortable pair of hiking boots, appropriate clothing depending on the weather and a rucksack to carry your things.

Don’t forget to bring enough water, snacks and sun protection. It’s easy to forget, but the sun definitely comes out in the mountains, too!

3 Check the weather forecast

Weather can play a key role in whether your hike is successful or not. Before you set off, please check the regional weather forecast of both your starting point and destination. This means you should prepare by packing waterproof clothes if necessary. Storms are a frequent occurrence in the mountains. It is therefore best to expect the weather to change throughout the day in order to ensure you enjoy your walk.

4 Be a tortoise; not a hare

It is essential that you don't overestimate your abilities on your first outing. Start with short trails with little elevation. As you become more confident and experienced, you can then gradually increase the difficulty of your hikes. Listen to your body and go at your own pace.

5 Enjoy yourself!

Hiking is the perfect time to disconnect from the stress of daily life and get in touch with nature. Take the time to appreciate the wonderful countryside, breathe in fresh air and enjoy the moment.

Don’t hesitate to take breaks and admire the local flora and fauna. You may even catch a glimpse of alpine marmots, chamois and other creatures, too!

It's your turn!

By following this advice, you’ll be well prepared for your first hike as a beginner. Hiking is an enriching experience that will help you to discover new horizons, keep fit and recharge your batteries in the full splendour of nature.

So, are you ready to head out into the Verbier 4Vallées area?

If you’re still unsure, take a look at our photo gallery to get inspired to want to take the plunge!