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Here at Téléverbier, we value people who are versatile, bold, authentic, enthusiastic and inspired... If you boast one or more of these qualities, you’re just a step away from joining us.

As well as a fast-paced environment, we offer:

  • Complimentary meals at our company restaurants
  • A free Verbier 4Vallées annual pass – this advantage can also be extended to your spouse and children.


Check out our vacancies to find the career of your dreams and contribute to both your personal success and that of our company. We have opportunities for all talents and look forward to welcoming you to our teams.

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Snowgroomers, Verbier 4Vallées
  • Patrick Snider, Téléverbier SA
    Patrick Snider – acting team leader, Gentianes sector – Technical Department
    Attached to the technical department, my job changes with the seasons. In the summer, I’m mostly busy with checking the electrics and mechanics of the ski lifts. I am in charge of assessing all moving parts associated with the ski lift systems such as pullies, pylons and cables. We also check that the electrical circuits, stopping mechanisms and controls and connections between the cabins and the drive terminal are all in good working order. In the winter, we spend more time on repairs and workarounds in the event of problems.
  • Adrienne Monnet, Téléverbier SA
    Adrienne Monnet – Ticket office operative, Médran lift station - Ticketing and Information Department
    My job involves helping visitors who want to buy a ski pass or book a specific activity with a view to exploring the Verbier 4Vallées ski area. It’s a rewarding job where I have the chance to deal with new situations every day. I also enjoy the customer-facing nature of the role. In this job you need to be a good communicator and a good listener. The other thing that I enjoy, on top of being in direct contact with customers, is a working environment that’s really second-to-none. There’s a good atmosphere at work and the business is a good employer.
  • Vincent De  Prost, Téléverbier SA
    Vincent De Prost – Snow gun operator – Snow-making Department
    I love sports and mountain life in general. I’ve been part of the snow-making team at Verbier since 2016. It’s here I discovered this job, which is all about versatility, teamwork, communication and working with the other departments in the company. We’re equally busy in the summer and winter seasons. We check the snow-making equipment at the end of the winter season and after the relevant checks have been made, we get everything ready in time for the beginning of the winter season. We also produce so-called machine-made snow which means the resort can offer the kind of snow depth and quality that will satisfy skiers’ expectations.
  • Marion Biselx, photo
    Marion Biselx, HR Coordinator – Human Resources Department
    As a member of the HR team, my role involves managing the corporate life of company employees from when they join the company to when they leave. This encompasses tasks such as recruitment, administrative processes, payroll management and time/attendance monitoring. You also have to pay careful attention to employment law and the various regulations in force. At the end of the day, my role is to be here for employees to answer questions they may have and to advise them. I like this job because it’s very varied and I enjoy being able to help people! There are always lots of things to learn and I never get bored!
  • Shannon Corthay, photo
    Shannon Corthay, Digital Coordinator - Commercial Department
    I joined the commercial team in 2020 as a digital coordinator. A Verbier native, I am committed to being able to contribute, in my own small way, to promoting this region which has so much to offer. I have enjoyed opportunities to grow in an organisation that values employees taking initiative and supports them in their development. My role is to ensure that digital projects and the company's commercial objectives are in sync. My key responsibilities are to coordinate the department's digital projects – including the implementation of a CRM – and to manage the verbier4vallees.ch website in addition to the seven other platforms (including food and drink, accommodation and e-commerce) managed by Téléverbier SA. In direct contact with solution providers, I ensure the required technical and practical aspects are compatible and supervise tasks with the different departments involved. For us, the customer is always key. We constantly analyse the data we collect (including customer feedback and analytical data) in order to ensure customer experience at Verbier 4Vallées continues to improve. To achieve this, we improve sales processes, add functionality and adapt or add content depending on the information our customers want.