Trail Verbier St-Bernard by UTMB

We look forward to seeing you again in 2024 for the next edition! The program will be communicated in due course

1st Swiss Ultra Trail organized in 2009, the Trail Verbier St-Bernard by UTMB will live its 14th edition with 4 courses to choose from 140km to 26km.

The Trail Verbier St Bernard by UTMB joined the UTMB World Series in 2022 and offers each year 4 formats, accessible to the most passionate as well as to new trailers, for the pleasure of all.

The longest distance, the X-Alpine of 140 km, offers a loop from the resort of Verbier to the Grand Saint-Bernard pass, crossing the valleys of Bagnes, Entremont and Ferret. Two other routes take up the final part of the X-Alpine and also pass through the most beautiful sites of the second half of the course. The shortest distance, more affordable and a little less alpine, takes in the crown overlooking Verbier, with breathtaking views of the Mont Blanc and Combins massifs.