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Construction work


Replacing the Médran 1 six-seater cable car with a brand new ten-seater ski lift is a particularly challenging project. 

The departure and arrival stations must be removed from their current locations in buildings dating from the 1980s to make way for a new cable car system that uses the latest technology. Renovation of the snowmaking equipment between Le Lac des Vaux and Les Ruinettes is also currently underway.

Difficult conditions

The schedule initially devised by contractors forced all Médran 1 operations to come to a halt from 12 April 2021, in order to begin the preparatory work. Carrying out these renovations over two summer seasons was never an option, given the importance of this connection for our region. Weather conditions in May caused delays due to heavy snowfall (over 2m at 2,500m in altitude) in Les Ruinettes in particular.

Noise disturbances to be expected

Consequently, in order to be in a position to open the new ski lift in December and put the new snowmaking equipment into operation in time, we have to stack all the odds in our favour to make it possible. Therefore, we will be forced to cause some inconvenience due to the construction sites in operation during the peak season throughout July and August.
However, we will ensure to plan any such noise disturbance in order to minimise its impact as effectively as possible and limit any inconvenience for our guests and events.

We thank you for your understanding and wish you an excellent summer season.